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untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail Embossed Celtic Knot Cross Tattoo Design Thumbnail Squirrels  Tattoo Design Thumbnail Origami birds  Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Star Spangled Eagle Tattoo Design Thumbnail Geometric Owl Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail Blossom Sleeve Tattoo Design Thumbnail Healed QotSA Tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail

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Mario Tattoo by Erik Lafave

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Brother and Sister foot tattoos by Josh and Erik

Brother and sister tattoos by Erik Lafave and Joshua Nordstrom

Water Color style owl by Apprentice Andrew

Watercolor style tattoo by the apprentice Andrew at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI

Floral Skull by Joshua Nordstrom

Unique floral skull tattoo for girls by Joshua Nordstrom at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI

INfinity symbol tattoo by Erik Lafave

Unique Infinity symbol tattoo for girls by Erik Lafave at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI

Elephant Tattoo by Erik Lafave

Tribal blackwork elephant tattoo by Erik Lafave at Deft Tattoo Studio Kingsford, MI

Neo traditional chest piece with lantern and roses

In progress Neo-Traditional chest piece by Joshua Nordstrom at Deft Tattoo Studio

Penguin Tattoo By Erik

Penguin coverup tattoo by Erik Lafave at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI

Deft Tattoo Studio

Old School Ship by Erik Lafave

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Sugar Skull tattoo by Joshua Nordstrom

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Feather cover-up tattoo by Erik Lafave

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New tattoo by Erik Lafave

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Work in progress Koi tattoo by Joshua Nordstrom of Deft Tattoo Studio

Warhammer Tattoo

Spyro Dragon Tattoo

Graffiti tattoo by Joshua Nordstrom Deft Tattoo Studio Kingsford / Iron Mountain Michigan

Deft Tattoo Studio Commercial

Erik LaFave original ultra sound design done at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford Michigan

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Deft Tattoo Studio Kingsford Michigan

Deft Tattoo Studio Artists Joshua Nordstrom and Erik Lafave Kingsford, MI

Bees Tattoo

Dandelion Tattoo Deft Tattoo Studio

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Heart Tattoo Deft Tattoo Studio

Bears Logo Tattoo

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