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Open 7 days a week  
Monday-Tuesday appointment only, Wednesday- Sunday 11am-9pm
Closed most Holidays
Welcome to Deft Tattoo Studio
We are artists here, professionals that take tattooing seriously. Really seriously. We aren't really looking to just slap random stuff on people. We
take an enourmous amount of pride in our work. We are only looking to do quality work. If you want it fast and cheap we could do that for you but you will be unhappy with it down the road later in life when your color is non-existant or looks like it is melting off your back. We take our time and inject the pigments with longevity and vibrance of your tattoo in mind. Please call us on the phone or stop in. 90% of people that contact us online waste our time and make it hard to find time for serious customers that actally want to get a tattoo from us. We draw or tattoo 8-10 hours a day, with that said we really don't have time for that. If you send us a Facebook message or email you can expect it to be answered to the best of our ability within 48 hours. If you want a tattoo be prepared, figure out which style you like if you want something custom find something of a similar style to what you like and bring it in. Give us an idea of what you want so that we can get to work faster on your design. How, what, when, where, how big and what is your budget? These are all important questions that need to be answered to sucessfully give you the tattoo you want. 
*Tattoos cost money, we don't care if someone else will do it cheaper. We are not price matching, this is a tattoo shop not a grocery store.
* We typically charge about a $100 an hr. (which is the national average, google it)
* A $20 appointment deposit is required to schedule an appointment.
* If you do not make it through your entire sitting and the work requires an additional
session a $35 set-up fee will applied. 
* Price “quotes” or “estimates are not typically given Online unless you are traveling 
from a significant distance, obtaining one requires you to come in person. 
* The absolute best way to schedule an appointment is to walk through the door. 
* Please try to contact the shop at the shop number which is 906-221-0555
* We aren’t interested in what anyone else that tattoos is doing around here so please don’t mention it (We don't like gossip). 
* A body art procedure will not be done without a photo I.D. period.
* Tattoos hurt.
* Do not come to your appointment drunk, on drugs, hung over or late, we will refuse service to you, we are sober and on-time, you should be too.
* Follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your artist after your tattoo, we did our job, the rest is up too you!
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy your tattoo!!!!

Neo traditional chest piece with lantern and roses

In progress Neo-Traditional chest piece by Joshua Nordstrom at Deft Tattoo Studio


Water Color style owl by Apprentice Andrew

Watercolor style tattoo by the apprentice Andrew at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI


Floral Skull by Joshua Nordstrom

Unique floral skull tattoo for girls by Joshua Nordstrom at Deft Tattoo Studio in Kingsford, MI


Deft Tattoo Studio

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